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First in a series of work that explores the concept of metempsychosis The use of clear borosilicate glass emerging from the drift wood gleaned from the shore of Lake Ontario invites the viewer to contemplate the concept of the transmigration of the Spirit, at and during the time of death.


Due to the fragile nature of this sculpture, it cannot be shipped.  Please email Stephen to schedule a pick up time. 

Palingenesia One

  • Terms of purchase


    All sales are final.  No amount of the purchase or shipping  price shall be refunded. All items will be packed and shipped in dual box construction to ensure that the items arrive in their intended state of purchase.  Stephen Brucker Glass will not be responsible for damage due to exterior forces on shipped goods. 

    Due to the extreme fragility of this series of work it cannot be shipped. Please contact Stephen directly via email to discuss delivery or pick up options. 

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